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Perfect for the bon vivant who values optimising their leisure moments 

 Key storage

 On-demand cleaning coordination

 Unlimited telephone and administrative support

 Rely on our team of experienced and trustworthy craftsmen for all your technical repairs and maintenance needs.

 10 hours of ad-hoc interventions per year. We take household coordination to the next level. Our 'à-la-carte' services allow you to customise your experience, such as having a fully stocked fridge to a welcoming bouquet of flowers upon arrival. 

 Linen Service

 À la carte service  

Newsletter subscription

€ 1550 / year excl. 21% VAT


Leave your basic worries and practical concerns to us

Key storage

 On-demand cleaning coordination

 Unlimited telephone and administrative support 

 Rely on our team of experienced and trustworthy craftsmen for all your technical repairs and maintenance needs.

Four on-site interventions per year to coordinate with craftsmen, conduct security checks, manage deliveries, ... 

Li​nen Service

 À la carte service 

Newsletter subscription

€ 925 / year excl. 21% VAT

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À la carte services

Grocery shopping at the local supplier / supermarket

Cook at home

Breakfast delivered

Flower delivery


Support for your renovation project

Support with your relocation

Home-based car wash

Verification of water and electricity meters

Watering plants

(Last-minute) restaurant reservations

Correspondence management

Are you tired of investing precious time in inconvenient practicalities?

From making special trips to the coast for technician visits and meter readings to ensuring your property has weathered the storm... the process can be exhausting. Arriving at your vacation home only to find yourself cleaning and making beds, or ending your getaway with cleaning duties can lead to mental strain. You didn't envision becoming a slave to your second residence when you dreamed of your vacations by the sea.

Get everything done with just one local contact person.

Since August 2020, Eline has dedicated herself entirely to the care of second homeowners in Knokke. 

With an Economic and Marketing background (Vlerick Business School) and a professional background deeply rooted in the service industry both in Belgium and abroad (Chile), Eline has honed her abilities in helping others.

Driven by her core values of authenticity, honesty, enthusiasm, and passion, she consistently strives to exceed expectations and create exceptional experiences for her clients. 

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