Hi there!

In August 2020, I embarked on the journey of starting Alaise. Why? Our relocation to Knokke, coupled with my aspiration to establish my own venture, and the observation of a niche in catering to the needs of second homeowners, all fueled this decision. With my husband immersed in the real estate sector here, the synergy was undeniable.

I am devoted, have high standards and I would say I have an ability to get things done. Reasons enough to dare to take a leap of faith and... jump!

I get energy from meaningful and deep conversations, genuine authentic kindness, ticking off to do's, and maximising productivity. Creating peace of mind and exceeding expectations is my goal. Thanks to the various fantastic partnerships I have and the support I receive, I manage to keep up!​
Looking forward to meeting you, 

Our mission: Fostering peace of mind for second home owners in Knokke and making their life easier by removing the burden of practicalities.

"Life is a collection of moments. Alaise was brought to life to have as many good ones as possible."

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